Bang A Boomerang

Текст песни Abba - Bang A Boomerang

Bang A Boomerang
Abba, Bang  Boomerang.
 Tabbed by megan Moore, shebeast@hotmail.com.

Bang--Boomerang By Abba

Here's the riff that plays at the beginning and throughout the song:

Makin   somebody   happy  is   a   question   of   give   and   take

You    can    learn   how   to   show   it   so  come   on   give  yourself a break

Every   smile   every   little   touch

Don't   you   know   that   it   means   so   much

Sweet   sweet   kisses   so   tender

Always   will   return   to   sender   like   a

Bang     a   boomer   boomerang   dum   mi  dum  dum

Mi  dum   mi   dum    dum    a    bang   a   boomer   boomerang

Love   is   a   tune    you   hum   mi   hum   hum

By    givin   away   I   think   you'll   learn

You'll   get   love   in   return      so     bang

A    boomer    boomerang   is   love    a    boomer   boomerang

Is     love


And   if   you're   warm   and   tender        I'll   kiss     you

Return   to   sender,    please   surrender

Bang     a    boomer    boomerang

Dum   mi   dum   dum   mi   dum  mi   dum   dum    a

Bang    a   boomer    boomerang     is    love

A    boomer    boomerang   is    love.
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