Hasta Maana

Текст песни Abba - Hasta Maana

Hasta Maana
Note: I doubt of the part in the Chorus when playing (). It seems like just
() but go ahead and play the chords that sounds better. Enjoy!

()Where is the (}spring and the ()summer ()
()that once was ()yours and mine.()    ()
()Where did it go, ()I just don't know,
()but still my love for you will ()live forever.

()Hasta mañana 'till we ()meet again,
()don't know where, don't know ()when.
()Darling our love was much too ()strong to die,
()we'll find a way to face a ()new tomorrow.
()Hasta mañana say we'll ()meet again,
()I can't do without ()you.
()Time to forget, sebd me a letter,
(#)Say you forgive, the sooner the better.
()Hasta ()mañana baby, ()hasta ()mañana until then. ()

Repeat Verse sequence and Chorus, but at the end of the Chorus, play ()
to change one octave up, and so just play the Chorus once again to end.
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