Текст песни Abba - Tiger

текст песни (слова) "Tiger"

megan moore, shebeast@hotmail.com.
 Tabbed by Abba, Tiger.

Tiger by Abba

Chords to match the little guitar riff  :  xx654x  xx656x  xx655x

The   city   is   a   jungle   you   better   take   care

Never   walk   alone   after   midnight.           If   you   don't

Believe   it   you   better   beware   of    me.

I am    behind   you    I   always   find     you

I am    the   tiger.   People   who   fear   me

Never   go   near   me,  I am   the   tiger.

Yellow   eyes   are   glowing   like   the   neon   lights

Yellow   eyes    the   spotlight   of   the   city   nights.

:  xx2324
:  x13131  or  686766