China Lady

Текст песни Accept - China Lady

текст песни (слова) "China Lady"

Sweet china ladyyou dance all night
I want you babyso hold me tight
C'mon- let's do it now- c'mon
Too much time- c'mon
Need you right now- c'mon

Set me on fire the whole night long
Feel my desireor break this down
C'mon- need you tonight- c'mon
I'll be alright- c'mon
(that'll be good) c'mon


Sweet china lady
Don't bring me down no no no
Sweet china lady
It's time tonightI want you
Sweet china lady
Don't bring me downdon't bring me down

Just another one night stand
I wanna be free
(________)- then we're not free

C'mon- just you and me- c'mon
Give me your love- c'mon
Kick it back- c'mon

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