Head Over Heels

Текст песни Accept - Head Over Heels

текст песни (слова) "Head Over Heels"

Late at night in the park, I saw them slipping in the dark.
For heaven's sake, what's going on? It's like someone is here.
Gotta follow now, like beeing in trance for me.
There's a silence here, more than all the noise.

Spurting in the dark head over heels,
Overheated heart head over heels,
Treating it so hard the spurting feels ev'ry day, ev'ry night.

Down on my knees, God help me please.Gotta know who's out in the dark.
I've stopped my breath, can feel the hands,
Could hear the sound of people making love.
I surrender right now! I've to be touched. I feel so much...
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