Losing More Than You Ever Had

Текст песни Accept - Losing More Than You Ever Had

текст песни (слова) "Losing More Than You Ever Had"

Man, I know that you're out in the crowd,
and I feel how you burn your hate in my soul.
It's like I'd have my hands in your coat
and feel the stainless steel of a sword.
Years have gone by. I know that she's left you, before I passed by.
I was collecting the dreams of her heart.
And than she was reborn in my arms.

Can't you see you've lost her soul? She's been gone a long time ago.
Man, it's been a long time since you lost her heart.

Man, you're dying for what you've lost but never had.
'Cause you've been losing more than you have ever had.
Man, stop longing for the girl you made so sad.
Always been losing for so long.

Man, why are you running blind for the past?
Why don't you try to understand?
When I found her she was dying, trying to kill herself.
Maybe you didn't know what you've done.
But all you wanna do is wrong.
Man, you come to kill for someone who's gone

Man, it's been a long time...
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