Sound Of War

Текст песни Accept - Sound Of War

We hear the distant clank of caterpillars
Some magic, mechanical noise
There comes a mighty war machine
I know that there is no escape

Time to come, we have to pay off
And someday the vicious war
I feel the icy atmosphere
Do not you see, the time is nearing

I hear everywhere loud cannonade guns
Bombs fall from the gloomy, gray clouds
Tank attack, watch caterpillars
Children are suffering, they are crying out for help

But caterpillars are coming, and they smyatayut their
Bomb set fire to the house and all around
You should not cry - like death comes
It looks like the end will come of this rotten earth

I was born, o, tell me why?

The murder of children that do not know hatred
Torment people - for what this whole mess?
Tell me what life is worthless
When we kill each other with guns and knives
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