Thunder And Lightning

Текст песни Accept - Thunder And Lightning

текст песни (слова) "Thunder And Lightning"

Roll on
The hot music's growing burns, my head's playing tricks
I know it's going, going to my brain
Get burnt up before the feeling
Sad goodbye running through my ways
Flying, dying, crying all night long

Roll on
Never stop keep on moving, feel the night don't gonna lose it
Try to toad this dead end town
Ready for the spark
God it hurts, canВґt stand the pain
It's too much, much too much
He's the winner, he's the sinner, let me hold the gun

Thunder and lightning, take care of this man
Thunder and lightning, stand it if you can
Squeezing and teasing, touch you deep inside
Thunder and lightning, feel it in your mind

He shows he's plain, plain come back to me
HeВґs tear up chill, or he couldn't be
By the way, before i caught this town
HeВґs the best, i had taste, before this grinding soil

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