Turn The Wheel

Текст песни Accept - Turn The Wheel

She got loads o'money 
A sugar daddy's car 
Diamonds galore money she can burn 
I think you know what I mean 
Her eyes look from the window 
Whats it gonna come down to 
In the hush of the night suger daddy's don't know 
Even through she tried to play the discreet 
I've been yearnin' - I'm down on my bended knees 
Wheels are turning - the night time favors me 
It makes me feel alright - yeah 
Turn the wheel around - everybody shout 
Everybody shout out 
If it's love that you need from a stranger 
Turn around girl I got a word for you 
And you know It don't matter what you contain 
No it don't matter don't remember your name, no 
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey 
I know you like it but too blind to see 
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey 
I gotta know - i gotta know if it pass the test 
You know what's gotta be turned around 
So take a hold of that wheel - 
get on back, babe 
You gotta fantasy 
I've been yearmin' - 
Keep on turnin' - 
I never ever knew 
I never knew if I passed the test
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