Текст песни Akira Yamaoka - Hometown

He spoke of tortured souls

So outrageous the toll
You could lose all you have
He refused to give in to the town that takes all
You must have the will
This movie doesn't end the way we want all the time
Then he shouts at the moon,
"She's gone!"
And fear has overcome
He was walking the mile
He was walking alone (2x)

Four and twenty dead birds
They bleed upon the nest
There was no time for reason
They had no sign of the threat
Now it's too late, too late for me
This town will eventually take me
Too late, too late for me
This town will win

Through this fog there came along dark creatures singing a terrible song.
The rest of the bar laughed at him. 
Only I felt (inaudible). 
They found him dead the very next day. 
"No more stories from him", I heard them say. 
We blamed bad luck for his fate. 
Only I felt terror so great.

She and he will know,
that someday all things will end
That misty night
That dismal moon
The dead search for their kin
While angels sleep
In endless dark
The {dead} seek out sin.