I'm Over You

Braxton Tamar - I'm Over You - Lyrics

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You told me you would love me forever

You told me you would alway's do me right, oh

When you said that you had to leave I thought I would die

When I didn't have you right by my side

Now I'm Over You

1 - Now I'm over You, I knew I would get over you

    No matter how long it takes

    Now I'm over you, I knew I would get over you

    I wanna thank you for walkin' out my life

Remember when we made love at night, hmm, hmm, hmm

Remember when you kised and held me tight, oh ye-yea-yeah

Remember when you promised that I'll never cry

You know I cried myself to sleep every night

That's why I'm over you, oh

Repeat 1 

What about my feelings?

What about my pride?

What about my heart I gave to you?

What about the years I was blind.

What what about the times I picked you up when you were down

But I guess it don't mean the same to you

That's why I can't get over you, whoa

Repeat 1 (2x)

For getting me over you, oh...