Miss Your Kiss

Braxton Tamar - Miss Your Kiss - Lyrics

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Can't wait to see you boy

Cause you know it's been a while

Since we've had the chance

To do what we do

I'm ready to give you what'chu like

Lying under the moonlight

How soon can you get here?

Cause I'm ready to play, ooh yeah

1 - I'll light fifty candles

    Around my bedroom

    A romantic interlude's instore

    Just walk through the door and

2 - Don't rush take you're time

    We've got a night

    So many things we're gonna do

    I'm ready too, I'm ready

    I miss your kiss

    Make love to me tonight

    I won't be shy

    So many things I wanna do

    I'm ready too, I'm ready

    I miss your kiss


Anticipation's killing me

Everything is ready

Just need you here, oh

Can't wait till our lips meet


I'll do anything, anything you please


Repeat 1

Repeat 2 (2x)

Repeat 1

Repeat 2 till end