What Am I Afraid Of

Drake - What Am I Afraid Of - Lyrics

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Yesterday when we were getting high
you were invited, you woulda liked it
uh uh nah, I know you all too well
we said that we can kiss the past goodbye
but your weren't excited
there's no way to fight it
you can stay shawty but here I go
[Drake - Verse 1]
Should I spend the weekend in Vegas
I'm busy living the moment not taking pictures to save it
I mean how could I forget
my memories never faded I can't relate to these haters
my enemies never made it
I am... still here with who I started with
the game needed life, I put my heart in it
I blew myself up, I'm on some martyr sh-t
carried the weight for my city like a cargo ship
yeah, I'm 23 with a money tree
growing more too, I just planted 100 seeds
It's ironic cause my mother was a florist and thats how she met my pops
and now my garden is enormous, it's happening penny lane
I said its happening Penny Lane
just like you said I avoided the Coke game and went with Sprite instead
uh ahh, thats word to the millions that they putting up
I'm trying to do better than good enough!

What am I afraid of
this is what dreams are supposed to made of
the people I don't have time to hang with
always look at me and say the same sh-t
You promised me you would never change
oh, huh huh
oh, huh huh
oh, huh huh
You promised me you would never change
oh, huh huh
oh, huh huh
[Drake - Verse 2]
Am I wrong for making light of my situation
clap on when 40 got something for me to snap on
NOw that I'm on I dont want to worry about getting back on
I'm just trying to stay on
get my f-cking buffett on
I heard they jsut moved my grandmother to a nursing home
and I'll be acting like I don't know how to work a phone
but hit redial you'll see that I just called some chick I met at the mall
that I barely know at all and
plus this women that I mess with unprotected txt us saying she wish she woulda kept it
the one I'm laying next to just looked over and read it
I couldn't tell you where the f-ck head is
I'm holding on by a thread its like I'm high right now
the guy right now and you can tell by looking at my eyes right now
that nothing really comes as a surprise right now
cause we having the time of our lives right now
[Drake - Verse 3]
I live by some advice this girl Lissa told me
the other day Lissa told me she missed the old me
which made me question when I went missing
and when I start treating my friends different
maybe it was the fast pace switch up or the 2 guns in my face during the stick up
maybe cause I girl I f-cking trusted set the whole sh-t up
but a fact I have'nt seen 'em since they locked big Rich up
I know, the same time, I'm quick to forget
bout to roll me a blunt with my list of regrets
burn it al burn it all, I'm starting it fresh
cause half the itme I got it right I probably guessed
did I just trade free time for camera time
will I blow all of this money baby, hammertime
yeah, I just need some closure, aint no turning back for me
I'm in it till it's over