Whatcha Say

Drake - Whatcha Say - Lyrics

[Verse 1: Drake]
Ugh, thinking aloud
I must have a quarter million on me right now
Hard to make a song about something other than the money
Two things I'm about are talking blunt staying blunted
Pretty woman are you here? Are you here right now, huh?
We should all just disappear right now
Look, you're getting all your friends and you're getting in the car
And you're coming to the house, are we clear right now, huh?
You seem to flee to all the new things
Cop cars with the loose change
All white like I move things
Niggas see me rolling and their mood change
Like a muthafucka
New flow, I got a dozen of em
I don't trust you, you're an undercover
I could probably make some stepsisters fuck each other, whew
Talking filets with the truffle butter
Fresh sheets and towels, man she gotta love it
Yeah, they all get what they desire from it
What? Tell them niggas we ain't hiding from it

[Hook: Mally Mall] x2
Whatcha say huh?
Whatcha say huh?
Whatcha say huh?
Real niggas all day, all day what

[Verse 2: Kid Heat]
Whew, this the kid from under
They say it's better against the odds but I like even numbers
The kid is all up in the cribbo, fucking on a bad bitch
Ass like a hippo, leaving bitching crippled
Read the bitch MO, play it like a demo
Tricking when ya got it really is a n-o
But I'm just really sticking what I feel right now huh
Niggas can't stand real right now, huh?
Can't see me, invisible
Make ya bitch feening like the dick is critical
Rappers try to see me, feeling so invisible
Niggas try to be me, bout to get to physical
Ain't stopping, pop lock it, [?] cock block it, Glock cock it
[?] you know you bad

[Verse 3: Tyga]
Oh, it's the 8th wonder
Wonder how I keep coming down with the Bay number
Downplay the money, I play it off cause you ain't had a lot
She say that I'm cocky, you know that I get that a lot
Codeine, like a night game
[?] cocaine came with a scale mane
Trynna be the only one [?]
I'll call you Billie Jean, but what would Mike say?
In L.A, in L.A
We in the mansion, all day
MIA, all the girls with it
Late night, all the girls say "Get it, get it"
8 mill for the new home
See the gold car, she like [?] home
Milk shades I'll bring it to ya face nigga
Like whatcha say, whatcha say nigga

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