They Came To See You

Текст песни Ghost - They Came To See You

An ego it explodes through insecurities... transparencies 
Your actions have murdered all your good intentions 
Medusa, your pleading innocent 
Most popular, you're alone 
Little boy, your make up is running 
Coward, mirrors are breaking 

Our friends have ears, our backs have eyes 
You'll choke on the shit you talk 
Shed your skin, face yourself 
You're dying behind deadbolts, sold out shout 

You made the team and missed the point 
The words you sang along to are the ones that cut you down 

Condescender, I am not impressed 
Entertainer, you're overdressed 
Self server, tables will turn 
Genius, you have so much to learn 

If they came to see you take them with you 
If this is a joke we're laughing at you 

Your friendship it's robbery, your confidence is trembling 
Now I'm calling your bluff and writing an ending
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