Die In Your Arms

Justin Bieber - Die In Your Arms - Lyrics

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lyrics "Die In Your Arms"

Die In Your Arms
Justin Bieber
Say you love me, as much as I love you, yeah
Would you hurt me baby
Could you Do that to me, yeah

Would you lie to me baby? Cause the truth hurts so much more
Would you Do the things that drive me crazy,
Leave my heart still at the door? 

Oh I cant help it Im just selfish
Theres no way that I could share you
That would break my heart to pieces
Honestly the truth is 

If I could just die in your arms
I wouldnt mind
Cause everytime you touch me
I just die in your arms
Oh but it feels so right
So baby baby please dont stop, girl

Ooh, if there is a reason to call me a fool
Cause I love too hard
Are there any rules, baby?
If this is a lesson
Baby teach me to behave
Just tell me what I gotta Do
Just to stay right next to you

Basically Im saying here
I cant live without my baby
Loving you is so damn easy for me
Aint no need for contemplating
Promise me you won't keep me waiting
Tell me baby Im all that you need