Ghetto Baby

Lana Del Rey - Ghetto Baby - Lyrics

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
[Verse 1]
You got a face like the Madonna, crying tears of gold
Been pumping gas at the Texaco, road to road
You're on the run, oh, baby, yeah
You're on the run, oh, baby
I'm not a trick, but I'm a trick for you
You give me butterflies; heart's skipping one, two
I know you're sick, boy, I wanna get the flu
I'm running temperatures thinking of your love, boo

Brooklyn, move my soul like this
Kissing my stilettos
Move your mouth up to my lips
Come on over, ghetto baby
(He said, "show me what you got, girl")
Come on over, ghetto baby
("Drop it like it's hot, girl")

[Verse 2]
I know your lips say that you wanna, but your heart's a no
But boy, your hips say that you're gonna when you hold me, hold me
You're so fun, b-baby, you are too much fun, b-baby
My local rock star, the Willy B. crew
I'm feeling you, boy, you likin' me too
I'm clockin' chicks left and right just to get to you
You're out there on the grind
Now come home to your queen, boo

[Chorus x2]

We're a match made in Heaven
If they're gonna talk, let 'em
If they don't think we're good together, baby just forget 'em
When he's bad, he's bad
But when he's good, no one's better
Cause we're a match made in Heaven
And this kind of love's forever

[Chorus x2]