Heartshaped Chervolet

Lana Del Rey - Heartshaped Chervolet - Lyrics

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You're bigger than Elvis and cooler than B.I.G
You're smashing the dishes, you're Billy The Kid
You're very American, sugar, marry me, Dick
I love you

We're on the road to the Jersey Shore
One stop and then we'll stop no more
Pulling over at the 7/11, and you buy me pie because I'm sweeter than heaven

You say you love everything I am
Love my lips and my golden tan
You love my heartshaped sunglasses
Love my heartshaped sunglasses
Love my heartshaped sunglasses
Spin me round, kiss me in your Chevrolet
Top down, heaven like you're crazy
You let me drive ill let you go all the way
I'll never ever, ever, ever let you get away, away