Silver & Gold

Lenny Kravitz - Silver & Gold - Lyrics

Silver & Gold
Lenny Kravitz
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From: "Huigens, Wilbert" 
Subject: CRD/LYR: Silver and gold - Vanessa Paradis
Date: Sat, 11-01-1997

Vanessa Paradis: Silver and gold 
Written by: Lenny Kravitz
Taken from the album : Vanessa Paradis (album version)


How many children must die
How many rivers run dry
How many angels must cry
For silver and gold

Why don't we learn from our past
(How) many more years will we last
Life is just moving so fast
For silver and gold

How much more time can we waste
How much more land be de-faced
('Cause) soon we will all be e-rased
For silver and gold

('Cause our) earth should last for-e-ver
And our lives for-ever on, oooooon

(For) God gave us all to par-take
(Why) can't we just learn to re-late
(We're) pissing on our children's face
For silver and gold

repeat : -- till fade