Текст песни Mac Miller - Outro

[Verse 1]
Easy Mac, rap slick and sensational
Foolin' fools out their shoes
Like the first of april
I'm aimin' low
With words guarentee to make them fold
I'll be remembered next december but your name will go
My name remains rhymes sent to ya brain
Attention sustain these other cats resent and complain
My minds bent and insane till the lyrics are complete
Spittin' fear in the ears to all those who compete
I never skip a beat, the kid is swisher sweet
You can picture me cheesin' then my album hits the street
With the words that sick to speak, so I spit it in my sleep
Countin' sheep, I'm about the heat
Provin' anyone wrong who was doubtin' me
They say "Malcolm please get a new career"
It appears that they fear who I'll be in a year
But I'm creatin' racket, makin' tracks up in the attic
See my life changed after I heard Illmatic
It was drastic, automatic rap and fantastic
I'm jurassic, mic melts like plastic
I got the gift and you wish that you had it
So you study hip hop and you read How-to-do's
Thinkin' that it's helpin' but you learnin' how to lose
See I was born gifted, lift or get lifted
If rappin' ain't my life then what is it

[Verse 2]
Ugh, rhymes is my dome's home on a gold throne
Spittin' sick burnin' holes in the ozone
I rock clothes that don't fit me
Flows that spit quickly
And rip cities, kickin' clowns that hit midi's
Cause I piss busy, I'm sorry you just missed me
I can't bare what you spit cause it's grizzly
I kick shit you can't spit nit wit sit quick
And let me twist back my Pit' fit
The best yet, blessed the cash wrecked
In fresh sweats with more words than last breaths
Your next guess with more swords for breast pests
Take your best guess, cause war is the next step
I got a passion for rappin'
I'm passin the has-beens who passive reactions
You askin' for action, I'm clashin' up your atoms
Your ass will get flattin' be askin' what happened

[Verse 3]
I'm sleep deprived, but managin' to keep my mind
And when rest try to find me I seek to hide
Bleed from eyes, they been open for too long
My body needs sleep but these demons is too strong
My insomnia lets me spit the monologues
Stayin' up writin' as the night is goin' on and on
Out my mind, I'm a maniac insane with rap
Raises, now the brain is scratched players playin' haters at
Traitors need to watch they back
Cause I know just where they at
Scared to rap, to where I'm at
Lookin' and I'm starin' back
Hatin's say your prayers and that
Pittsburgh that's where I'm at
We true hip hop, and we the rarest cats
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