Do It

Nelly Furtado - Do It - Lyrics

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[Spoken] Someone needs to rap off-in at the top.

Yeah x2

Ye x9 

Yeah x3

[Verse 1]
You're standing at the door
I'm falling to the floor
You look even better than you did before
I'm staring at my feet
Wonderin' if I can do this
It's been a while but I couldn't forget you


Just a little look has got me feeling things
Just a little touch has got me seeing things
Just a little taste has got me off the chains
Doing things that I don't want to


Do it like you do it to me (I'm burning up)
Do it like you do it to me (it's not enough)
Do it like you do it to me (Just open up)
Don't you know how much I want you

[Verse 2]
We're sitting real close and I can feel your breath
I wanna touch your hand but I lay back
Cuz you know this thing could spiral in the night
I've changed my mind I'm ready for you this time

[Go to Bridge and Chorus x2]

[Missy Rap]
I'm looking for a guy like you who wanna get with me
So we can dodge some kids
So you can be Brad Pitt
Uh huh, Uh huh, yessir
Got some tight jeans on
Dancin with my chest up

Doin like you wanna do it to me
Got my clothes so wet
I can't breathe,
Megacar throwin' dem Ds on me
And we can rock to the beat
Club closes at three

I ain't tryin to lead you on (on)
I try to turn you out (Let's go/out)
Come on get up on me baby
Like you bouncin' on a couch (couch)

In a club, da DJs rock this (this)
This how we pop and drop it (Wuh oh)
Ta ta ta turn it up 
Becuz I'm burnin up (Let's go!)

[Chorus x2]

Yeah Yeah (repeats and fade)