Offspring - Bloodstains - Lyrics

lyrics "Bloodstains"

Originally Performed By Agent Orange

They can't make things worse for me
Sometimes I'd rather die
They can tell me lots of things
But I can't see eye to eye 
I know they know the way I think 
I know they always will 
But Someday I'm gonna change my mind
Sometimes I'd rather kill 

Bloodstains, speed kills,
fast cars, cheap thrills,
rich girls, fine wine,
I've lost my sense i lost control I lost my mind 

Things seem so much different now
The scene has died away 
I haven't got a steady job
And I've got no place to stay 
Well it's a futuristic modern world
Things aren't what they'd seem 
Someday you'd better wake up
From this fucked up fantasy 

(Chorus x2)