I See You

Phoebe Bridgers - I See You - Lyrics

I See You
Phoebe Bridgers
Upon release of the album, this song's name was changed from "I See You" to "ICU." As far as I'm aware, I
can't change the title of the song on this tab.

The  in the bridge may be an . Please let me know which you think is correct in the comments so that
I can update if needed. If you're returning to this, I also changed some Ds in the Bridge and Outro to .

Laying down on the lawn
I'm tired of trying to get in the house
I'm thinking out loud
I've been playing dead my whole life
And I get this feeling whenever I feel good
It'll be the last time

But I feel something when I see you now
I feel something when I see you

If you're a work of art, I'm standing too close
I can see the brush strokes
I hate your mom
I hate it when she opens her mouth
It's amazing to me how much you can say
When you don't know what you're talking about

But I feel something when I see you now
I feel something when I see you

I used to light you up
Now I can't even get you to play the drums
'Cause I don't know what I     want
Until I fuck it up

But I feel something when I see you now
I feel something

I'll climb through the window again
But right now it feels good not to stand
Then I'll leave it wide open
Let the dystopian morning light pour in
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