Pink - Timebomb - Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Screw fear, it's contagious
Infecting everything
It makes me do such stupid, stupid stuff
I say things I never mean
What exactly do I think?
Who am I protecting?
If I fall it'll blow up in my face
That's just crazy

[Verse 2]
I'm delicate, I'm sensitive
Please try to be more careful
You're mean, you're a lunatic
Let's try to make this fun again

It's only love, give it away
(It's only love)
You'll probably get it back again
(It's only love)
It's simple, it's a silly thing
Throw it away like a boomerang
I wish we all could lighten up
It's only love, not a time bomb

[Verse 3]
I'm tired from last nights fight
I wish I hadn't started it
I hate when my fear speaks for me
It makes me nasty
I thought we could start again
Go back to the days when we felt like friends
It's all too serious for me
And I know I'm guilty

[Verse 4]
Matchsticks and poison
That's what I add to the fire
My dear, I'm frozen
Turned from a saint to a liar


[Verse 5]
I don't want to be precious
I don't want to feel stress
Life is for the living
But not a living hell
So take it
Take this
Oh, you can have all of me
Take it
Take this
Here, you can have everything
I don't want to be flawless
When I go I want the cuts to show
So take it
Take this
Oh, you can have all of me
Break it
Take it
Oh, fuck it, have everything