Rhapsody Of Fire

Rhapsody Of Fire - lyrics

Country: Italy
Dates: 1995 - ...
A New Saga Begins
Act I The Pass Of Nair-Kaan
Act II Dark Mystic Vision
Act III The Ancient Fires Of Har-Kuun
Act IV The Betrayal
Act V Neve Rosso Sangue
Act VI Erian's Lost Secrets
Act VII The Angels' Dark Revelation
Ad Infinitum
Aeons Of Raging Darkness
Age Of The Red Moon
Anima Perduta
Autumn Twilight
Bloody Red Dungeons
Crystal Moonlight
Danza di Fuoco e Ghiaccio
Dargor Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain
Dark Frozen World
Dark Reign Of Fire
Dragonlands Rivers
Emerald Sword
From Chaos To Eternity
Gargoyles Angels Of Darkness
Gargoyles Angels Of Darkness (part III And the Legend Ends )
Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds
Guardiani Del Destino
Heart Of The Darklands
Heroes Of The Waterfalls' Kingdom
I Belong To The Stars
Il Canto Del Vento
In Tenebris
Invernal Fury
Lamento Eroico
Land Of Immortals
Legendary Tales
Lo Specchio D'Argento
Lord Of The Thunder
Lost In Cold Dreams
Lux Triumphans
Magic Of The Wizards Dream
Never Forgotten Heroes
Old Age Of Wonders
On The Way To Ainor
Power of thy Sword (ManOwaR Cover)
Raging Starfire
Reign Of Terror
Sacred Power Of Raging Winds
Sea Of Fate
Silent Dream
Son Of Pain
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
Tempesta Di Fuoco
The Dark Secret - Ira Divina
The Frozen Tears Of Angels
The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream - German
The Magic Of The Wizard's Dreams
The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demonknight
The Mystic Prophecy of The DemonKnight_part_1
The Myth Of The Holy Sword
The Village Of Dwarves
The Wizards Last Rhymes
Triumph Or Agony
Where Dragons Fly
Wings Of Destiny