What Do You Say

Taylor Swift - What Do You Say - Lyrics

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What Do You Say
Taylor Swift
capo 6   intro:
What do you say, when you just know      
That he's the one, and you wanna go fast
But he's taking it slow
And what do you do, when he's next to you
But he's a little bit shy
Well here's something you can try

Hey, hey what do you say
We go walking down the river all together
It's a warm May beautiful day
And I feel like I could
Talk to you forever
With the sun shining bright
It feels just like a day
When everything's gonna go just right
I know it will be a sweet memory
For you and me someday
What do you say?

What do you see, when you look in his eyes
There's something there
That he can't disguise
No matter how he tries
And what do you feel, when you know its real
And you can't sit still
If you don't own up will yeah

(CHORUS- same as before )

My imaginations, running away
Just dreaming about
What I want you to say


(Instrumental-   -    -    -    -     ( 4 beats per chord, except
 and  at the end of the pattern each get 2 beats)
What do you say?
(same chord pattern next two lines)
what do you say?
What do you say?

music fades out..


* you can just play  or , but i like to play  with my pinky
on the 5th fret of the high  string, because that note goes well
with what Taylor sings.

You will probably want to listen to the song first to
get a feel of what chords to play when. :) The strumming
is kind of hard to hear so whatever is best for you:)
any questions my email is ebeth222@hotmail.com

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa_2Fk530hI    - song