Son Of The Bitch

Текст песни Accept - Son Of The Bitch

Illusions and dreams
You - what you have.
You know what I mean?
I hear you well,
I see in your eyes ...
Lie down, to please,
Enjoy it - lie down.
You say it - your way,
You say we do it
In the best possible way.
I do not understand all this crap
That you have.
I do not believe
Not a single word uttered by you.
You - laughable
Get out of my way.
You say that it is - your way,
Now listen to what I think of you:
The son of a whore
Kiss my ass.
The son of a whore
The son of a whore.
You - ass
The son of a whore
Fucking bastard.
I was right - take it: uuaaa
The son of a whore
Circumcise himself three times lower butt to catch up with crap
Double son's dog.
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