Sexxx Dreams

Текст песни Lady Gaga - Sexxx Dreams

Sexxx Dreams
Lady Gaga
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Song: Sexxx Dreams
By: Lady gaga

()   Our lovers' quarrel.
Hurts more than I can say.
Oh my, () Help me here.
Help me here! ()
  Cause I can't help my mind from going there!

       /                      /
Heard your boyfriend was away this weekend,
     /      /       /
Wanna meet in my place?
         /           /      /
Hear that we both got nothin' to do.
When I lay in bed I touch myself I Think 'a you

Last night,     Damn! You were in my sex dreams
        Doing really nasty things.
Damn! You were in my sex dreams.

Makin' love in my sex dreams.

2nd Verse:
We could be caught.
We're both convicted criminals of tought.
Let's withe, glove the bed.
Help me here! Cause we can't hide the evidence in our heads.

(Repeat Pre-chorus & Chorus)

You could turn a stone
Or the color of a man petrified by a woman
In love as I am when I lay with you
I think of him, I think of him.
(Repeat chorus)

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