Extra Extra

Текст песни Mac Miller - Extra Extra

[Intro: Mac Miller]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, uh
Khrysis on the beat, what up
Uh, a little Henny and...
A turkey burger and...
Couple cigarettes and...
Iight, iight, iight, iight I'll rap. Fine!

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]

Hey, hey, yeah
It's young Mac-a-bee and Rapsody
Tell these mother fuckers that they haven't heard the last of me
All over the map like the latitude
Rhyming with an attitude
This is the beginning, you ain't even got to chapter 2!
I don't got to battle you, im better than you is
4 year old bars, you ain't worthy of new shit
Corey and Topanga, you can watch the boy meet world
With the homie Rapsody, uhh return of the B girl
Its easy as fuck, all I need is a good beat
Fuck me for who I am, but love me for who I could be
And its simple when you living like I am
Cause I remember grinding, spitting for 5 fans
And now I got damn near a million boy
Oh I ain't doing shit? You can kill that noise
I got a sniper type flow yeah i'll take aim
Cause the boy be riding tracks like a freight train
Wishing I could have Mac Miller produced by J Dilla
Saluting all the legends that gone, just know we miss ya
Extra Extra read all about it
Hard beats and boom bap, I'd die without this Hip Hop

[Hook: Mac Miller]
Extra extra read all about it
Hard beats of boom bap, I'd die without this hip hop
Yeah I die without this hip hop, this hip hop
Extra extra read all about it
Extra extra read all about it

[Verse 2: Rapsody]
Late night chilling not really high off shit
Can't afford it, I got work to hit with no benefits
And a car to drive that don't really go too fast
Pushing it to the limit 'till the day that I crash
Yo I'm up nights in studio, working for pay
Trying to make some classic music that my children can play
For they kids, kids influence, they can reincarnate
Me and they lines and they raps that they someday will make
Yeah, chilling with Mac, ten after two, just have to do
Finish rocking the stage
That's how hard work pays, I choose top ten, eight thousand hoorays
Got they hands high as tight ropes, Janell Monay
So I spend days and nights on mics the life I wanted to
And I can have it too if I'm just killing the booth
Niggas ain't get enough yeah we back in the cut
April 1st, fool's day, but yo this ain't a bluff
It's the return of the duo, as you know as the illest on scene
To make it go, hip hop to let you know
Rap with Mac Miller, yeah we back in the spot
So one time for all the lovers, yeah one time for hip hop

[Hook: Rapsody]
Extra, extra, read all about it
Hip hop, what would I do without it?
Extra extra, read all about it
Turn it up and play me in your Audi

[Verse 3: Halo]
On the track, frivolous shift, Nascar, follow my drift
Jeff Gordon recording the cure for the boredom
Priceless can't afford them don't need you to reward them
I feel super, blame it on the Buddha
Cats nice but they still getting neutered
Flow champion meet me in the pantheon buzzing like infinity and beyond
Jamla rep hardest rebuild on what you tarnished
Or some power i harness eating like a 5 star meal with the garnish
Look i'm the end if you start this paper and pencil you fucking sketch artist
Most Dope flows from mac rap and H A L O making dudes pump their brakes
We're tired of them big bully rappers make gimmicks and silly factors
I get it you really actors reading the script upside down and backwards
Like my honda is a hill billy tractor and the ... the farm
All i do is plant seeds and park it in the barn real vivid forced to deal with it

[Hook: Halo]
My man, extra extra read all about it
Dyslexics too struggle about it
Extra extra read all about it
Most Dope and Jamla know all about it
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