Oh Millie

Текст песни Parry Gripp - Oh Millie

Oh Millie
Parry Gripp
Oh what a thrill, when the crimson starts to spill
And my Millie goes in for the kill
She takes away my breath
She's the angel of death, for me
Oh, Millie!

She's my queen
It's like a dream
When I hear her victims start to scream
In and out of the sack, she's the maniac for me
Oh, Millie!

When the blood starts drippin' down the walls

And the bodies, start to fall

  My heart skips a beat
When my Millie's guns a-blazin' in the heat

My assasin love
She makes the murderin' fun, for me
Oh la-da-de!

Of all the imps in hell, it's for her that I fell
Oh, Millie~