I See You

Текст песни Priscilla Ahn - I See You

I See You
Priscilla Ahn
Living alone in a world of your own,
Looking in from the outside.
No one's aware of your curious stare,
That you put on to get by.
But i see you, yes i see you.

And it's alright.

When you are frer you run wild to the sea,
Only you hear the birds cry.
Nobody knows why your heartedds and frows,
You,re just tryind to get by.

If you need some time it's alright,
If you wanna cry it's alright,
If you want to be loved

Run far and wide to a place you can hide,
Where you're safe on the inside.
Look at the stars see that's just what you are,
Show the world how your light shines
Cause i see you, yes i see you.
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