Saga - тексты песен, слова

Страна: Канада
Даты: 13.06.1977 - ...
The 13th Generation
All Will Change (It's Happening To Me)
Alone Again Tonight
Always Here For You
Always There
Ashes To Ashes (Chapter 11)
As I Am
Back To The Shadows
Back Where We Started
Bet On This
Black bannered legion
Blind Side Of Your Heart
Breathing Lessons
Careful Where You Step
Cat Walk
Chances Are #1
Chances Are #2
Chase The Wind
Climbing The Ladder
The Cross
Crown Of Thorns
Danger Whistle
Days Like These
Don't Be Late (chapter 2)
Don't Look Down
Don't Put Out The Fire
Don't Say Goodbye
Drommarnas Stig
Easy Way Out
Fantastically Wrong
Feed The Fire
The Flyer
Follow Me
Footsteps In The Hall
Generation 13 (Theme #1)
Give 'em The Money
God Knows
Gone With The Breeze
Gonna Give It To Ya
Goodbye David Lane
(goodbye) Once Upon A Time
Hands Up
Heaven Can Wait
Help Me Out
Here I Am
Hot to Cold
House Of Cards
How Are You
How Do I Look
How Do You Feel
How Long
Humble Stance
Ice Nice
If I Were You
I'll Leave It In Your Hands
I'll Never Be Like You #1
I'll Never Be Like You (Once Again)
Images (chapter 1)
The Interview
It's Time! (chapter 3)
It's Your Life
I Walk With You
The Learning Tree
Listen To Your Heart
Mind Over Matter
Money Talks
Mouse In A Maze
My Name Is Sam (Your Time Is Up)
Never Alone
A Night To Remember
The Nineties
No Man's Land
No Regrets (Chapter 5)
No Stranger (chapter Viii)
No Strings Attached
Not This Way (Chapter 10)
Now Is Now
Odd Man Out
On The Air
Once In A Lifetime
Once Is Never Enough
The One
One Nation Arise
One Small Step
On The Loose
Only Human
Only Time Will Tell
Our Pride Is Our Loyalty