Ode To The Mets

Текст песни Strokes - Ode To The Mets

Ode To The Mets
Nick's guitar:


Still trying to figure it how to play the Outro!

Up on his horse, up on his horse
Not gonna wake up here anymore
Listen one time, it's not the truth
It's just the story I tell to you

Easy to say, easy to do
But it's not easy, mainly for for you
Hope that you find it, hope that it's good
Hope that you read the old thing that you should

Cuts you some slack as he sits back
Sizes you up, plans his attack
I got it on, I got it all
Waiting for me out on the street

And now you gotta Do something special for me
I'm gonna say what's on my mind
Then I'll walk out, then I'll feel fine

And among the years fall my [?]
I will not show my teeth too quick
I needed you there, I needed you there
I didn't know, I didn't know...

Back from the strip, he's at the door
When he gets back, waits on his phone
Innocent eyes, innocent lie
No, it's not wrong but it's not right

Innocent time out on his own
Not gonna Do that, fuck I'm out of control
I was just bored playing the guitar
Learned all your tricks, wasn't too hard

I'm coming in
And all of the loves that I can't recall
I found out the two were not good back

Old time long forgotten
The old way at the side of
The [?]
Old friend not forgotten
The old way at the bottom of the ocean
It's not a bottle, it all falls [?]
Yes I see the right, at the old way at the side of
This [?] nobody Do it [?] older way

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